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Michelle Logan

Clinical Supervisor


Michelle received her Master of Arts in Urban Education: Community Counseling at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia, a CACREP accredited program. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Norfolk State University as well.  As an intern during her Master’s program, Michelle conducted individual and group therapy for adults of all ages. She also interned with a girls at-risk youth program geared for young females from ages 13-17 years old who struggled with behavioral issues, mental health illnesses, peer pressure, abuse, trauma, etc. This experience impacted Michelle to develop a passion for advocating for youth from the most vulnerable communities who have experienced many of life’s challenges and barriers. She has many years of experience as a Residential Counselor, Intensive In-Home counselor, and Mental Health Skill Builder. She also conducts individual therapy for all age groups. As she continues to perfect her career, her outlook on those individuals that are more susceptible to be influenced by trauma and substance addiction motivates her to work that much harder.


Michelle has a strong passion for helping youth and young adults heal from various traumas and life challenges which is what led Michelle to pursue her licensure as a Resident in Counseling.


Prior to pursuing a Master’s degree in counseling, Michelle worked for over 10 years as an insurance agent for a Fortune 500 company which led to her ownership of an independent insurance agency for 14 years. The leadership, organizational, and managerial skills afforded Michelle the ability to work diligently in her counseling career today.

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