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Linda Haskins

Office Manager/Roanoke Office


Hello, my name is Rosa Batista, and I am currently the office manager of Crescent Counseling & Casework Services (CCCS) in Virginia Beach, VA.  I have worked as an Administrative Assistant in the Mental Health field for over 7 years.


I worked as a Property Manager for Assisted Housing for 10 years before I started with CCCS. 


I have lived in the Hampton Roads area since August 2000, when I came from Cuba, where I was an English teacher.


I graduated with a master’s degree in Economics from the High Technological Institute of Havana City and with a master’s degree in ESL from the Pedagogical Institute of Havana City as well.


CCCS provides mental health services for children and adults in the Hampton Roads area and City of Roanoke. 

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